1. According to the study, 65% of Google searches don't click on results – should they?
  2. The New York Times says goodbye to their hugely popular NYTCooking Facebook group
  3. Photo and video enhancements are coming to Twitter
  4. Take the week
  5. ICYMI
  6. Lightning round

In this week's episode of Marketing O'Clock, presenters Greg Finn, Jess Budde and Mark Saltarelli present the biggest digital marketing news of the week.

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According to the study, 65% of Google searches don't click on results – should they?

Over the course of 2020, Google made it easier for users to find exactly what they needed in the SERPs. This has resulted in a drop in standard click results outside of Google on the platform. According to Rand Fishkin, those zero-click searches rose from roughly half of all searches in 2019 to a whopping two-thirds by the end of 2020.

Many marketers refute these claims on the grounds that the data is in error because they consider simple queries that can of course be found right inside the SERPs. Even so, marketers should be aware that less traffic is directed to websites when the information they are looking for can be found directly in the SERPs.


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Read about it here.

The New York Times says goodbye to their hugely popular NYTCooking Facebook group

With over 77,000 members, the NYTCooking Facebook group is a Mecca for those who want to prove their cooking skills and get in touch with like-minded people. It was a surprise when they handed the reins over to a select group of side members to moderate in their place.

Over the years, Facebook moderation has become a huge waste of time as moderators have a bigger role to play in interacting with the group. As a large corporation, this meant that the New York Times was actively paying employees for a job that was becoming a bigger task than originally expected and not giving them the desired return on investment, which was traffic to their location. Other speculations suggest that the Facebook group was further and further removed from its original purpose.

Read more here.

Photo and video enhancements are coming to Twitter

Twitter is testing new photo and video enhancements for its platform. These improvements include larger images in the Twitter timeline, uploaded photos, and YouTube integrations.

Read about it here.

Take the week

This week, Pamela Lund shares her true feelings about Google's account managers and their suggestions.

"I'm your Account Manager here at Google. I have some important observations about this account that need to be conveyed to you.

Could you please tell me your possible time to call you? "

No #ppcchat

– Pamela Lund (@Pamela_Lund) March 19, 2021


Next, in our ICYMI segment, Mike Ryan shares a framework for evaluating competitors with shared data


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Many struggle with the competition from Amazon in #googleads. At @smxmuenchen last week, I proposed a framework for evaluating Amazon (or a competitor) and exchanged data to prove that this giant definitely has weak spots. #ppcchat #smx pic.twitter.com/avv3HItPpA

– Mike Ryan (@mikeryanretail) March 22, 2021

Lightning round

Then we will answer your burning questions about digital marketing during our lightning lap segment:

  • Who will benefit from our ad platform problems?
  • What can my customers see while I edit my Data Studio report?
  • Where are all the Facebook story creators?
  • When will the next Google search ranking algorithm be available?
  • Why is Zuckerburg so confident now about iOS14?
  • How has Microsoft's ad removal performed compared to Google?

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